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Before We Start

Before we can start making videos, we must first set up your studio. We use a small room at your location that becomes the home base for your video productions.


The My Broadcast Studio package includes: A remote camera console, a custom background, a green screen, and a remote control light grid. 

Step 1

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After My Broadcast Studio has been set up, you will be connected with our producers. 

They will help you create a script for your video.

Step 2

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Next our producers load your script into the My Broadcast Studio teleprompter.

They will also turn on the lights inside your studio. 

Step 3

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Your producer will then direct you and make sure you look great. After you are done recording your footage, the producer will turn off all the equipment and begin editing your video. 

Step 4

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We will edit together your best performances, adding video graphics, animations, sound effects, and music to best communicate your message. 


Once you have revised the final edit, you will be able to post the video on your website, youtube channel, in a presentation, or on social media. 

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